It’s about our shared passion and being part of an experienced and like-minded team, making a difference by advocating and bringing life-changing technologies to humanity.

We invest in passionate entrepreneurs with technical experience and commercial capability. Through our extensive research and decades of experience, we filter and find only the best opportunities. We then dig in with a hands-on approach to help guide Azafran’s portfolio companies towards our shared goals.

  • James F. Kenefick

    James F. Kenefick

    Founder and Managing Partner

  • Martin Fisher

    Martin Fisher

    Founder and Partner

  • Megan Burns

    Megan Burns

    Senior Director of Catalyst Platform

  • Jerry Garcia

    Jerry Garcia

    Director of IR, Chief of Staff

  • Matthew Bauer

    Matthew Bauer

    Communications Director

  • Stephen Candelmo

    Stephen Candelmo

    Outside Counsel

  • Daniel Nikic

    Daniel Nikic

    Senior Associate

  • Zubeyda Tebra

    Zubeyda Tebra


  • Kristina Ivancic

    Kristina Ivancic


  • Douglas Mellinger

    Douglas Mellinger


  • Victoria Vysotina

    Victoria Vysotina


  • Siva Kakuturi

    Siva Kakuturi


  • Doug McCormack

    Doug McCormack



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