Issue 12 - Special Report Series - Part One

  • Valuation, Liquidity and Opportunity in Uncertain Times

    First and without question, we send our hopes and wishes to everyone in the Azafran community - for you, your families and colleagues to remain safe and unharmed by the COVID-19 virus. In economic terms, there is no precedent or vocabulary for the long list of what is happening now and the world is flooded by news media trying to make sense of it all.
  • VC won’t respond to the looming downturn like it did to the GFC

    The asset class has changed and matured so much in the last 12 years that this recession will bring different challenges and spark new solutions & the secondaries market is more robust now. Valuations, in tandem with the public market turmoil, will also have an adverse impact on exit activity.

Issue 11 - Azafran Alpha

  • AI and Machine Learning Outperforming Rest of VC Investments

    “Emerging technologies show robust results compared to broader tech startups. Drilling down to the vertical level, we see impressive VC return metrics from fintech and AI & ML startups, outperforming the overall technology space. Given the nascence of these areas, the natural progression will be for competition to increase and drive down performance, but for now investors have been rewarded.

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