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Issue 13 - Special Report Series - Part Two

  • Voice, Acoustics and Imagery Upgraded to Mission Critical

    The function and intelligence around voice, acoustics and imagery have been developing and used, in some shape or form, in the last 200K years. With the infinite spectrum these modalities offer, one can easily view the keypad/board as a step back, albeit a necessary one, for the computer age. For the past 3.
  • Market Focus and Use Cases

    Within our modalities and tech focus (AI/ML/Deep Science), we look for companies delivering solutions into the Health / Wellness and IoT / Enterprise markets. Below is a high level update on three of our priority market areas: Healthcare: In the areas of voice, acoustics and imagery we are currently looking at a range of companies that will change how we use, administer, apply and think of healthcare going forward.

Issue 12 - Special Report Series - Part One

  • Valuation, Liquidity and Opportunity in Uncertain Times

    First and without question, we send our hopes and wishes to everyone in the Azafran community - for you, your families and colleagues to remain safe and unharmed by the COVID-19 virus. In economic terms, there is no precedent or vocabulary for the long list of what is happening now and the world is flooded by news media trying to make sense of it all.
  • AI-Imagery Products Deploying to Help Fight COVID-19

    (VentureBeat) “Miso Robotics, a startup developing robots that can perform basic cooking tasks in commercial kitchens, today announced that it has deployed new tools to its platform in CaliBurger restaurants will be part of an advanced approach with CaliGroup intended to improve safety and health standards. The hope is to minimize the threat of infection for patrons and delivery workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has sickened hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

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