Issue 21 - 2020 and Virtual CES, Looking Back, Looking Forward

  • CES 2021 Goes Virtual: Positives and Negatives

    CES 2021 Goes Virtual: Positives and Negatives Thinking back to CES 2020 and years past, the biggest difference for our team from this year’s CES was the networking and collisions that always occurred for us at the conference. Most pointed was not being able to walk through the startup pavilion and meet the founders over the days we would attend.

Issue 20 - Has COVID-19 Helped Finally Usher in the Golden Age of Robotics?

  • From the “ROAD”

    From the “ROAD” The Azafran team continues to be active in virtual conferences, pitch days, and online events As we shift to attending and hosting virtual events, this dynamic continues to be a crucial element helping us to deliver on the Azafran investment thesis. Through this work, our team stays on top of the latest trends, companies, and partner opportunities, especially away from the obvious venues in the world.

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