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We invest in passionate entrepreneurs with technical experience and commercial capability, to find and filter only the best opportunities. We then dig in with a hands-on approach to guide Azafran’s portfolio companies towards our shared goals.

    Secure Enterprise Messaging & Machine Learning

    ArmorText enables regulated industries to maximize the potential of cloud computing and storage for collaboration by eliminating the possibility of data-mining and third-party access.

    Analogue Wake Word & Intelligent Sensory

    Aspinity implements ML with analog circuitry, enabling an edge architecture that optimizes power and data handling in always-on, battery-powered sensing devices such as voice/sound wake-up, industrial machine health monitoring, and wearable health monitoring.

    Real Time Machine Learning in the Marketplace

    Mohawk develops proprietary technology leveraging data and artificial intelligence to bring its customers the products they desire in an efficient manner.

    Voice Biometrics Near Field & Far Field DSP

    Yobe brings AI into the world of signal processing by introducing intelligent behavior much earlier in process. While processing signals acquired in “noisy scenarios” this type of advancement in technology enables platforms to accurately separate voices of interest from background and near-field noise.

    Location-based Imagery & Machine Learning

    tagSpace provides the tools to easily create mobile, location-based experiences using Augmented Reality. No coding or 3D assets required.

Portfolio News

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The content and distribution of Azafran’s INSIGHTS newsletter is focused to our LP, incubator, research, investment and partner ecosystem. Below are highlights from the last two issues, please sign up to receive access to past and new issues as they are published.

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