Azafran Podcast

Azafran Podcast

  • Yobe Helps Drive the Voice Revolution

    Host Matt Bauer leads an all-star cast including the co-founders of Azafran Portfolio One Company Yobe, CEO Ken Sutton, and Chief Scientist, Dr. Hamid Nawab, as well as Azafran General Partner Martin Fisher and Dave Rodger, an advisor to Yobe and long time senior product leader in tech. The discussion centers around INSIGHTS Issue Sixteen as well as a deep dive on how Yobe addresses the “Cocktail Party Problem” and is changing how we think of voice and acoustics while providing groundbreaking technology to help speed the revolution underway.
  • Talking Intelligent Sensing & TinyML with Thomas Doyle, CEO of Aspinity

    Host Matt Bauer goes close to the edge and talks sensing devices and TinyML with Thomas Doyle, CEO of Aspinity, an Azafran Fund I Portfolio company that is transforming the commercialization of intelligent sensing devices. The interview accompanies the feature on Aspinity in Azafran INSIGHTS Issue 15, Why the Future of Machine Learning is Tiny, and the Future of AI is Augmented.
  • Azafran INSIGHTS Special Edition Podcast, Part Two

    This week, Azafran General Partners Jock Percy, Martin Fisher and James Kenefick are in the INSIGHTS booth discussing the third and final Special Series edition & taking a deep dive on why their founder experience + global network provide the critical difference as early stage VC investors.
  • Azafran Insights Special Edition

    Voice, Acoustics and Imagery Upgraded to Mission Critical: In Episode One, Azafran Partners Jock Percy, Martin Fisher and James Kenefick highlight and discuss Parts One and Two of our INSIGHTS Three Part Special Series focusing on the venture market, technology opportunity and Azafran’s 3.5 years of research, taking into account the new global realities/opportunities we are experiencing in early stage venture.

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