What We're Reading: The High Growth Handbook

Issue 24 - Global Finance and Applied DeepTech Make History in 2021

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What We’re Reading:

The High Growth Handbook

by Elad Gill

One of our favorite ongoing team activities at Azafran is Book Club, where every month our team reads and meets multiple times to discuss important lessons and learnings we can bring to our portfolio companies.

Highlights from The High Growth Handbook from teammates Megan Burns and Jeremy Baksht who are leading this discussion:

“When we meet our potential portfolio companies they typically have 3-10+ people. There is a lot of attention given to founding a company, fundraising, team building and exiting / IPO’ing. However there isn’t a lot of real focus on the most important part … the messy middle. The hard work of actually taking preliminary traction and scaling a company to thousands of employees. Understanding the Company dynamics and potential is the job of the research & investment teams.

We are reading the High Growth Handbook as a team so that we have a better understanding of our founders and their journey towards scale and growth. We meet them as they have interesting technology and they are preparing to scale and the timing aligns with our focus of postSeed initial investment with an eye towards growth and successful exit in 5-7 years.”

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