Voice + Imagery + Acoustics / Sensory Impact Use Cases

Issue 19 - Voice, Acoustics and Imagery Impacts on Society

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Voice + Imagery + Acoustics / Sensory Impact Use Cases

Following are examples of companies driving the growing human-machine partnership, or augmented AI, that will have profound effects on healthcare, industry and enterprise in the coming five years.

Service delivery will become more efficient/accurate and we will see dramatic impacts on preventative healthcare, especially in the developing world, as well as the general speed and reach of business. All of this will be driven by the new human-machine user interface modalities of voice, acoustics and imagery.

SDG Impact examples from companies that Azafran has under LOI, or invested in as part of Fund I, include:

(Health + Imagery): Using imagery to automate the screening of chest x-rays that can be used both in the clinic and field; SDG #3 Impact: Expanding reach, accuracy, prevention and efficiency of respiratory screening methods.

(Health + Voice): Voice platform that screens for anomalies in our voice and acoustics to detect chest-related diseases and ailments; SDG #3 Impact: Expanding reach, accuracy, prevention and efficiency of respiratory screening methods.

(Industry + Acoustics/Sensory): Low power edge sensors that “listen” for industrial / machine anomalies, that “wake up” and register issues as they develop and occur, greatly increasing efficiency and lowering the carbon footprint of the industries served; SDG #9 Impact: making industry more efficient, less resources, lowering carbon.

(Health + Virtual Reality): Location-based platform that manages COVID-19 messaging, reporting and visualization of risks at any real-world location. Signage “Tags” and heatmaps are overlaid over the real world view when observed through users’ smartphone camera views. SDG #3 Impact: increasing health awareness, treatment and information dissemination in urban and concentrated settings like events.

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