Voice and Acoustics Now Front and Center on the Healthcare Mainstage

Issue 17 - Special Series: Voice + Acoustics Front and Center in Healthcare

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Voice and Acoustics Now Front and Center on the Healthcare Mainstage

The power of the human vocal instrument enters a new dimension as healthcare accelerates innovation to meet the incredible demands of the COVID-19 crisis

As the universal user interface, voice and acoustics have been used to great effect for arguably hundreds of thousands of years, patiently waiting in the wings for their next evolution. With the exponential advancements in natural language processing, machine learning, and augmented AI over recent years, coupled with the proliferation of devices and sensors in the field, and now the COVID-19 crisis, the table is set for a sea change.

Alongside basic communications and other expressions of the vocal instrument, there lies the acoustical information surrounding all our sounds and speech. The intelligence contained in these acoustic elements has laid dormant but now can be used in various innovative and augmented platforms, from customer care, to marketing, helping root out key indicators from mood to satisfaction. However, it is in the purview of healthcare where the game-changing developments come to the forefront - from screenings as an area of focus for early detection and diagnosis to the determination of patient care, we are just beginning to see the tip of the iceberg in terms of the potential of acoustics / sensory in healthcare.

Issue Seventeen is the first in a four-part series highlighting the core elements of Azafran’s voice, acoustics/sensory and imagery in the healthcare and enterprise markets. Just due to the sheer size and the incredible fit of these modalities in both streamlining and improving most aspects of healthcare, we have chosen to highlight this element in the first segment of the series.

The healthcare industry is worth a staggering ~$2.5 trillion in just the U.S. today, with 90% of people looking for health information start with search engines. However, nearly 70% of providers use some sort of telehealth or telemedicine tool, and 71% of people prefer to search using a voice assistant (source: The Center for Digital Strategies). So it is no surprise that there is a steadily increasing amount of funding and investments being made into voice and acoustics as the new UI for healthcare.

As highlighted on Page Two, the use cases are numerous and growing, from a myriad of patient onboarding and interface applications, to doctors going hands-free and focusing on the information or patient for a checkup, to applications that “listen” for breathing, changes in mood or intonation, and other biomarkers that lie within our voice instrument, buckle up as the coming decade will bring probably more changes in healthcare delivery than we’ve ever witnessed as a society.

At Azafran, we are excited to be an enabling element of this movement, seeking and investing in companies that are shepherding in the next wave of healthcare innovation, creating a more efficient, Lower cost and higher quality system In the process.

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