tagSpace: Augmented Reality for the Masses, now Covid Ready

Issue 18 - Special Series: Deep Tech + Imagery and the Future of Healthcare

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tagSpace: Augmented Reality (AR) for the Masses

Create, integrate and distribute AR experiences in minutes - no code required.

We are excited to feature Azafran Fund I portfolio company, tagSpace, as part of our Imagery in Healthcare issue and will soon have CEO and Founder Paul Martin in the INSIGHTS booth for our next podcast.

In a nutshell, tagSpace provides a no-code solution for location-based Augmented Reality. With pre-Covid defined target markets such as Music Festivals, Big Events and City Experiences, tagSpace has pivoted to adapt its market-leading technology to helping fight the spread of the virus and shining a light on the power of AR and imagery in helping to stem further outbreaks.

At a high level, tagSpace’s revolutionary platform helps people in any situation where a map does not; guiding them through large, open and possibly crowded spaces, while overlaying real-time information such as queue times at each location. This creates a canvas in which promotional marketing and messaging of any kind can thrive.

This is a massive opportunity since tagSpace can promote big brands, big causes (Covid-19) and local businesses to people in a way that is engaging and immersive. To that end, tagSpace is working with many leading global technology companies including Deutsche Telekom, the RTL Group and Qualcomm to power AR experiences for Cities, Stadiums and Events.

tagSpace discovAR™ PUBLIC HEALTH

Location-based platform that manages COVID-19 messaging, reporting and visualization of risks at any real-world location. Signage “Tags” and heat maps are overlaid over the real world view when observed through users’ smartphone camera views.

Each Tag shows images and information that can be pre-authored or generated based on live information (e.g. special opening hours for stores). When clicked, Tags expand into a full-screen view to show more information about that location, including images,
videos, text and hyperlinks to external web pages.


Residents can opt-in to help with tracking and visualizations of pedestrian traffic and current health status at locations. People can be anonymously visualized according to their risk status (e.g. immune, vaccinated, elderly, pre-existing conditions)


Location-aware data visualizations allow users to understand high-risk versus low-risk areas around them at a glance. The data can be collected via connections to your databases.

Institution Status

Guides people quickly to their closest place for emergency assistance and removes any guesswork. Tags for key institutions can be connected to live data sources allowing them to show real-time data about those places. Informs the public about the correct procedure once they arrive.

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