Special Report Series: Part Three Overview

Issue 14 - Special Report Series - Part Three

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Azafran Capital Partners is a 2020 vintage early stage venture fund investing in companies ($2M to $8M) that are using deep learning and machine learning, emphasizing voice, acoustics and imagery datasets in the health / wellness, and IoT / enterprise markets.

Part One of our Special Report Series focuses on both the venture market and road ahead as seen through the lens of Azafran’s Investment Thesis, taking into account new global realities. Part Two looks at voice, acoustics and imagery being upgraded to mission
critical plus markets and research that tie to the Azafran Thesis,

Part Three focuses on the Azafran team and network: Our founder’s perspective as operators, technologists, and investors plus operationalizing our global network. How this combination lays the foundation for seeking, finding, evaluating, investing in and helping grow disruptive, great companies to reach their full potential.

“So what is it about entrepreneurial experience that seems to prepare people to become top-tier VC investors? It is likely a combination of three things.

The first is knowledge. Investors who have worked as founders and C-level executives have an inside perspective on what it takes to make a company scale and succeed. This expertise is difficult to replicate in any other way.

The second factor is the personal network that comes from working inside an entrepreneurial company. Investors can look to past colleagues at their former companies to help source investments and make useful connections for the entrepreneurs in their portfolios.

Finally, there is probably an attraction factor at work, as well. Some founders are likely to prefer to partner with an investor who has been on a similar journey.”

- Entrepreneurial Experience Separates Top VCs From Other Investors, Rhett Morris, TechCrunch

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