Special Report Series - Part One Overview

Issue 12 - Special Report Series - Part One

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Part One (of Three) of our Special Report Series focuses on both the Venture Market and road ahead as seen through the lens of Azafran’s Investment Thesis, taking into account new global realities we are experiencing personally and professionally.

This Series will also be accompanied by a podcast with Azafran partners Marty Fisher, Jock Percy and James Kenefick discussing the main topics of each Issue. Featuring below a timely quote from the Executive Editor of PitchBook, Alexander Davis from an open letter earlier this week to subscribers and the PitchBook community:

“A disorienting reversal is underway in the markets, and it is instilling fear in many investors, especially folks who have been greedy during the go-go years. These players—many of whom never worked or invested during a down market—have now joined the fearful crowd, and they will fall to the sidelines.

But I’ve checked in with a wide variety of skillful, experienced investors to take their pulse since the coronavirus has brought the world economy to its knees. Most of them are forging ahead, albeit while exercising more caution and advising their partners and portfolio companies to do the same.”

— Alexander Davis, executive editor - PitchBook

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