Navigating COVID-19 with conversational AI

Issue 19 - Voice, Acoustics and Imagery Impacts on Society

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Navigating COVID-19 with conversational AI

Since COVID-19 has become a global issue of large scale, it needs an effective solution on an equal scale to build awareness, bust myths, and educate everyone. The solution needs to be customized to cater to the audience being spoken to in different countries around the world. Government and health organizations have the responsibility of keeping the public informed and driving education of preventive measures. Providing a guide on predicting and containing outbreaks and enforcing lockdown rules on a large scale.

The sudden and fast-spreading crisis has put all organizations and their communication measures to test. It has encouraged Governments and agencies to think beyond traditional media (radio, TV, print) and basic one-way information disseminating websites and to fully leverage cutting-edge technology that will reach and engage audiences from metros to rural cities using smartphones and the internet. And one such technology that has enabled authorities to build awareness and enhance their responsiveness to this mega-crisis is conversational AI.

At the forefront of creating deep and engaging conversations via rich-media interactions, Conversational AI has proven itself to be of immense value in the current crisis with vast potential as a new powerful form of two-way communication. It enables brands to overcome the difficulties and limitations that they face while communicating digitally with their customers and always be accessible and consistent across multi-platforms.

There is a lot of opportunity for government and healthcare authorities to tap into the power of conversational AI to vastly improve the dissemination of important information and to engage constituents in interactive experiences that will enrich and empower citizens around the world. (Source: DATAQUEST)

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