Global Pandemic Drives Voice and Acoustics to the Brink of a Revolution

Issue 16 - Voice and Acoustics Revolution

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Global Pandemic Drives Voice and Acoustics to the Brink of a Revolution

It is hard to imagine or compare any event in history that has altered daily life so significantly and almost overnight as the Covid-19 Pandemic. Much has been written, but one transformation that was already underway has now shifted to light speed - the transition to a touch-free world and contactless commerce.

This dynamic was well underway in different areas including e-commerce, telemedicine, remote learning, video communication, at-home entertainment or exercise, as well as food delivery, which have now all realized a significant uptick in what feels like a permanent shift. Consumer shifts towards voice and acoustics that were in the process of taking many years to occur have been compressed to mere months. Now we look to healthcare and enterprise as the next big shift and opportunity.

Of course, some pre-pandemic behaviors will return to their prior patterns, but the new arc is undeniable and many will become permanent. Looking back over recent years, companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple had already deployed significant voice-enabled tech in-market, which we have written about extensively in other INSIGHTS editions, with these early forays providing the corner stones for the revolution now taking place.

Our recent Analytics Insight article notes that as this shift takes place, new UX and UI design roles will emerge in three critical areas, including:

  • Making human-computer interactions more personalized and pleasant;
  • Replacing or augmenting menu-based touchscreen interfaces with conversational inputs;
  • Tracking engagement as swipes and clicks are phased out and systems become more adaptive through machine learning.

We are excited to highlight one of Azafran’s Fund I Portfolio companies, Yobe, in this issue - featuring some of their writing, thoughts and the distinct contribution of their unique technology and products, helping to transform the quality and delivery of voice and acoustics/sensory solutions in the market today.

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