Focus on Emerging Tech: TinyML and Augmented AI

Issue 15 - Tiny ML and Augmented AI

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Issue Fifteen focuses on the emerging technologies TinyML and Augmented AI, as they begin to take their place in the world of machine learning and deep science technology and product development. We especially see these technologies furthering the modalities where Azafran has focus: Voice, Acoustics and Imagery.

“Human fears around artificial intelligence stem from an assumption that the ultimate goal of AI is to replicate, and surpass, human intelligence, thereby threatening our own existence. Indeed, worries about AI supplanting jobs have been constant since the technology’s advent.

However, the theory of AI augmentation challenges this end goal, reimagining AI as a way to develop technology to supplement and support human intelligence, with humans remaining at the centre of the decision-making process. Augmented intelligence can therefore be defined as the human-centred partnership model of people and AI working together to enhance cognitive performance and business operations.”

- Why businesses must invest in AI Augmentation - Imam Hoque

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