Imagery + Deep Learning & Augmented AI Use Cases in Healthcare

Issue 18 - Special Series: Deep Tech + Imagery and the Future of Healthcare

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Imagery + Deep Learning & Augmented AI Use Cases in Healthcare

Following are a selection of imagery use cases, from augmented AI to
deep learning solutions that Azafran has discovered from our own
research, attending events and partner/feeder funds that we have in our 38-city network:

  • Azafran company under LOI that has developed Augmented AI solutions to make medical imaging less expensive and more reliable by allowing radiologists to spend their time on what matters most, providing insights on images with clinical significance.
  • Azafran Pipeline Company that has developed smart-glasses-enabled AR/mixed reality to enhance teleHealth communication for providers and healthcare workers. Optimizes the surgery process for doctors and clients while minimizing error during surgery and optimize the patient experience.
  • Azafran company under LOI that combines breakthrough technology with years of research at the world’s top universities to create an AI-Driven Optimizer to make deep neural networks faster, smaller and energy-efficient across a variety of platforms from cloud to edge computing.
  • Company that provides radiologists with augmented AI-powered medical imaging viewing and analysis of cardiac MR, lung CT and chest x-ray images, as well as head CT images. The company was the first to receive FDA clearance for a cloud-based product with AI and currently has 5 FDA clearances and is active in 28 countries.

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