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Issue 20 - Has COVID-19 Helped Finally Usher in the Golden Age of Robotics?

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From theROAD

The Azafran team continues to be active in virtual conferences, pitch days, and online events

As we shift to attending and hosting virtual events, this dynamic continues to be a crucial element helping us to deliver on the Azafran investment thesis. Through this work, our team stays on top of the latest trends, companies, and partner opportunities, especially away from the obvious venues in the world.

KiwiTech Venture Capital Panel

Be sure not to miss out on KiwiTech’s VC Panel headlined by Azafran Capital Partners Co-founder and Managing Partner, James F. Kenefick on January 27 @ 2PM ET. The panel will focus on how the present recessionary environment is impacting the tech world. It will also cover investment, deal flow, portfolio management, opportunities, and more.

For more information: & click on Events/Venture Capital Panel

Techstars Iowa Pitch/Demo Day

As is the mantra at Azafran Capital Partners, we look to underserved markets for the best emerging companies and Techstars Iowa did not disappoint. While none of the companies pitching were in the Azafran wheelhouse, we were impressed as always by the quality and diversity on display by the Techstars team.

HIMSS Learning & AI for Healthcare Digital Summit

Driving Outcomes and Innovation with Machine Learning and AI

With COVID-19 throwing the world into crisis, the use of AI in healthcare has been forced into the workflows of healthcare institutions. The optimization of these tools is showing how important these technologies can be, as innovation has been forced by necessity. The Digital summit focused on these topics:

  • Maximizing the impact of machine learning and AI
  • Case studies on using machine learning and AI to detect SDoH
  • Integrating machine learning and AI into clinical workflows
  • Scaling analytics into clinical operation

Overall, the conclusion pointed to how MLAI has impacted research, decision support, patient and clinical experiences and engagement, analysis, workflow, precision medicine and more. As with all HIMSS programing - the content remains available on their main website at this link.

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