Business Finland: Rethinking Healthcare, Pushing Innovation

Issue 17 - Special Series: Voice + Acoustics Front and Center in Healthcare

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Business Finland: Rethinking Healthcare, Pushing Innovation

Accelerating healthcare innovation by promoting the latest technologies via a leading research & development infrastructure

At a high level, Business Finland is the Finnish government organization for innovation funding and trade, travel and investment promotion. Business Finland’s 600 experts work in 40 offices globally, with 16 regional offices in Finland and is part of the Team Finland network.

Azafran is excited to be working alongside Business Finland, which has prioritized the healthcare sector and has a goal to make Finland a pioneer in the personalized healthcare field. In practice, they facilitate Finnish companies developing and exporting deep tech health and wellbeing solutions/services to the global market.

One of the megatrends of healthcare is that the treatment is transformed from mass-oriented care towards individual care. Identifying individual effects through, for example, genetic research enables the move from “one disease – one drug” thinking in the development of medicines into identifying the individual effects of treatment. Personalized medicine provides the opportunity to anticipate and prevent diseases as well as find the right care at the right time to the right people.

The Personalized Health Program supports Finnish innovation and top-level research and creates new business around personalized healthcare area, promotes growth and renews and creates new business life. The program also helps growth companies to raise venture capital and R&D funding, grows new know-how and attracts international venture capital, R&D and business units to Finland.

Living Labs for Global Cures:

  • Proven global commercial innovation ecosystem powered by Europe’s largest AMC- critical mass of resources to solve big problems
  • New approach to solving global healthcare problems using 100% of real world data, AI, and machine learning in a real-time clinical and R&D setting
  • Fastest track for scalable digital health and wellbeing innovations yielding new therapies, products, solutions, and services based in mobile, digital, and genomics
  • Develop and exploit health and social data creating world-class clinical solutions

A couple facets of the Business Finland Portfolio are the the Personalized Health and Clever Health Programs that focus on Finnish innovation and top-level research. The aim is to create a new business around individualized healthcare platforms.

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