Adding Value while De-Risking Azafran Investments

Issue 22 - The End of VC as We Know It

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Azafran Catalyst Platform: Adding Value while De-Risking Azafran Investments

Focused on Immediate Impact & Lasting Value: Azafran Catalyst Platform (ACP) de-risks Azafran’s Investments and accretes value by accelerating growth for our Early Stage Deep Technology portfolio companies.

For every Early Stage Deep Tech company Azafran Capital Partners invests in, the ACP organization, including our Director of Platform and supporting team + our global network, work side by side with founders and company execs to offer support where it’s needed most, so they build the necessary expertise and components to execute on their vision.

As Deep Tech founders, investors and operations specialists ourselves - founders love that we speak their language. As a rule most of our founders are technical in nature and not as fluent in other aspects of business development, including sales, marketing, finance and general corporate development. They are solving a problem to make the world a better place, we enable them to do this. They win, we win, our LPs win.

We Start with Seed Stage Winners: According to Crunchbase, 80% of Seed companies fail to raise another round and 97% fail to exit. Azafran invests in the 20% of deep tech companies and founders that emerge from Seed, and arms each founding team with the tools that they need to succeed.

Supporting Strategic Growth: ACP helps portfolio companies overcome growth challenges more quickly and efficiently. This improves their chances of success, thereby contributing to the fund’s overall performance.

Building Strong Teams: The Catalyst Platform empowers founding teams with the knowledge and experience they’re missing, especially in the transformative Early Stage when their resources are limited.

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