2020 a Year of COVID, Challenges and Opportunity Like No Other Before

Issue 21 - 2020 and Virtual CES, Looking Back, Looking Forward

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2020 a Year of COVID, Challenges and Opportunity Like No Other Before

Earlier this year, pre pandemic, the Azafran team fanned out to a host of conferences and demo days ranging from CES in Vegas, to StartUp Grind and TechCrunch AI+Robotics

2020 in the Bay Area. The excitement and momentum was building further in the first part of 2020 for the central tenants of Azafran’s Thesis and the global shift was on to voice, acoustics and imagery.

When COVID-19 took center stage in February and March of 2020, these modalities were thrust ahead years—and some would even say a decade—as touchless commerce and many other sectors, including healthcare, began to fully embrace the replacement of the keypad and the power of voice, imagery and acoustics as the new modalities of choice, signaling the eventual end of keypad or keyboard data entry.

Throughout the year, we were writing about this transition and on the following pages are highlights of INSIGHTS features focusing on this important inflection point.

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