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Issue 16 - Voice and Acoustics Revolution

  • Global Pandemic Drives Voice and Acoustics to the Brink of a Revolution

    Global Pandemic Drives Voice and Acoustics to the Brink of a Revolution It is hard to imagine or compare any event in history that has altered daily life so significantly and almost overnight as the Covid-19 Pandemic. Much has been written, but one transformation that was already underway has now shifted to light speed - the transition to a touch-free world and contactless commerce.
  • Yobe Revolutionizes Voice Tracking / Noise Management Technology

    Yobe Revolutionizes Voice Tracking / Noise Management Technology One common denominator and challenge to all voice applications and tech on the market is that conversations and voice commands are happening in the real world and not a sealed chamber. From background noise to changing environments, this dynamic is affectionately referred to as the Cocktail Party Problem.
  • Avoid Being Fooled by Parlor Tricks

    Avoid Being Fooled by Parlor Tricks The Necessity of Real-World Environment Testing for Automatic Speech Recognition - by S. Hamid Nawab, PhD, originally published in “Speech Technology” Voice assistants developed by Amazon, Google, Xiaomi, Alibaba, and others are poised to take over the world. A report by Juniper Research estimates that 70 million U.
  • From the Road

    From the Road As we shift to attending and helping host virtual events, this dynamic continues to be a crucial element helping us to deliver on the Azafran investment thesis. Through this work, our team stays on top of the latest trends, companies and partner opportunities, especially away from the obvious venues in the world.

Issue 15 - Tiny ML and Augmented AI

  • Focus on Emerging Tech: TinyML and Augmented AI

    Issue Fifteen focuses on the emerging technologies TinyML and Augmented AI, as they begin to take their place in the world of machine learning and deep science technology and product development. We especially see these technologies furthering the modalities where Azafran has focus: Voice, Acoustics and Imagery. “Human fears around artificial intelligence stem from an assumption that the ultimate goal of AI is to replicate, and surpass, human intelligence, thereby threatening our own existence.
  • Why the Future of Machine Learning is Tiny, and the Future of AI is Augmented

    Augmented AI For some time, our team has been scratching our heads at the loose interpretation of AI as a catch-all term, serving as both the umbrella for any tech or platform using machine learning, deep tech or science and their associated components, alongside the strict definition where AI is sentient machine intelligence, making decisions without human interaction.
  • Augmented AI and TinyML Use Cases

    Focusing on solutions within Azafran’s Thesis, following are a number of Augmented AI and Tiny ML use cases already out there in the world: TinyML One recent event in the advancement of TinyML was Apple’s acquisition of, a Seattle startup spun off from the Allen Institute specializing in low-power, edge-based ML tools.
  • Fom the “ROAD”

    Adapting to the New “Road” Standard procedure and part of the Azafran team process - we are out on the front lines every week, attending and speaking at conferences, events, pitch days, openings. We are all seasoned entrepreneurs, operators and start up geeks so this part comes easy for us.
  • Azafran Fund I Portfolio Focus: Aspinity

    The Growing Demand and Market Drivers for Always‐on Sensing and Listening In the next five years, billions of handsfree, always‐on sensing devices that run on battery will assist us in our daily lives at home and at work: playing music on request, controlling our home’s temperature and lights, alerting us to danger, monitoring the wear and tear of factory equipment, even continuously monitoring our health.

Insights Podcast

Welcome to the Azafran INSIGHTS podcast, a regular journey into Azafran Capital Partners Investment thesis, exploring the intersection of voice, acoustics and imagery powered by machine learning and deep science technologies serving health, wellness and enterprise markets.

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  • Episode 4 - Yobe Helps Drive the Voice Revolution

    Host Matt Bauer leads an all-star cast including the co-founders of Azafran Portfolio One Company Yobe, CEO Ken Sutton, and Chief Scientist, Dr. Hamid Nawab, as well as Azafran General Partner Martin Fisher and Dave Rodger, an advisor to Yobe and long time senior product leader in tech. The discussion centers around INSIGHTS Issue Sixteen as well as a deep dive on how Yobe addresses the “Cocktail Party Problem” and is changing how we think of voice and acoustics while providing groundbreaking technology to help speed the revolution underway.

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  • Episode 3 - Talking Intelligent Sensing & TinyML with Thomas Doyle, CEO of Aspinity

    Host Matt Bauer goes close to the edge and talks sensing devices and TinyML with Thomas Doyle, CEO of Aspinity, an Azafran Fund I Portfolio company that is transforming the commercialization of intelligent sensing devices. The interview accompanies the feature on Aspinity in Azafran INSIGHTS Issue 15, Why the Future of Machine Learning is Tiny, and the Future of AI is Augmented.

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  • Episode 2 - Azafran INSIGHTS Special Edition Podcast, Part Two

    This week, Azafran General Partners Jock Percy, Martin Fisher and James Kenefick are in the INSIGHTS booth discussing the third and final Special Series edition & taking a deep dive on why their founder experience + global network provide the critical difference as early stage VC investors.

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  • Episode 1 - Azafran Insights Special Edition

    Voice, Acoustics and Imagery Upgraded to Mission Critical: In Episode One, Azafran Partners Jock Percy, Martin Fisher and James Kenefick highlight and discuss Parts One and Two of our INSIGHTS Three Part Special Series focusing on the venture market, technology opportunity and Azafran’s 3.5 years of research, taking into account the new global realities/opportunities we are experiencing in early stage venture.

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