• Voice Technology And The Lure Of Zero UI In Health Care

    Aug 12, 2019

    Zero UI (Zero User Interface) is an interface without a physical presence – no screen, no buttons, no keys. Instead, a user moves, talks, looks or thinks, and artificial intelligence (AI) interprets that interaction in order to respond. It sounds simple, but Zero UI is an intensely complex effort requiring extremely robust capabilities.

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  • AI can make better use of all data

    Aug 11, 2019

    Industrial robots are building cars in factories where human presence is redundant; autonomous unmanned vehicles are crawling on the surface of Mars; and self-driving is a few years away from becoming reality. We are at the cusp of a revolutionary change that will define the way we live in the future.

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  • Amazon’s Text-To-Speech AI Service Sounds More Natural And Realistic

    Aug 11, 2019

    Amazon enhanced Polly - the cloud-based text-to-speech service - to deliver natural and realistic speech synthesis. The service can now be leveraged to present domain-specific style such as newscast and sportscast.

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  • NHS investing £250M in new AI lab to target earlier cancer detection, dementia treatments

    Aug 9, 2019

    The U.K.’s National Health Service is investing £250 million into an artificial intelligence lab with the aim of researching how AI can aid with earlier cancer detection and new dementia treatments.

    In an announcement on Thursday, the NHS said the new national AI lab will bring together industry’s best academics, specialists and technology companies to work on some of the biggest challenges in healthcare.

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  • Vonage Plans To Buy Voice AI Provider Over.ai

    Aug 6, 2019

    Cloud communications provider Vonage has revealed its plan to acquire Over.ai, a Tel Aviv-based conversational artificial intelligence specialist for enterprise communications.

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  • 34 Percent of Marketers Expect to Have a Voice App by 2020, Alexa with Big Lead Over Google Assistant as Enthusiasm Runs High in New Report

    Aug 5, 2019

    A survey of North American marketers by Vociebot.ai and Voices.com found that 24% of marketers have already launched a voice app such as an Alexa skill or Google Action. Another 6% of marketers expect to introduce a voice app this year, followed by 4% more next year bringing the total to 34% by the end of 2020. Those results suggest over one-third of marketers will have a voice app for conversational engagement within four years of the launch of Google Assistant and six years after Amazon Echo first arrived.

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  • Automating artificial intelligence for medical decision-making

    Aug 5, 2019

    The field of predictive analytics holds increasing promise for helping clinicians diagnose and treat patients. Machine-learning models can be trained to find patterns in patient data to aid in sepsis care, design safer chemotherapy regimens, and predict a patient’s risk of having breast cancer or dying in the ICU, to name just a few examples.

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  • What Do VCs Look For In An AI (Artificial Intelligence) Deal?

    Aug 3, 2019

    The irony is that—until a decade ago—AI was mostly a backwater, which had suffered several winters. But with the surge in Big Data, new innovations in academic research and the improvements in GPUs, the technology has become a real force.

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  • The United States Of Artificial Intelligence Startups

    Jul 31, 2019

    Funding to artificial intelligence startups is soaring. Last year, VCs invested a record $9.3B into US AI startups — more than 8x funding levels just 5 years ago ($1.1B in 2013).

    In 2018, the top 3 states for AI deals were California (48% of deals), New York (12%), and Massachusetts (9%), though investors have bet on AI startups across the country.

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  • Mark Cuban Launches an AI Bootcamp in Partnership with Microsoft and Walmart

    Jul 30, 2019

    The Mark Cuban Foundation, Microsoft and Walmart have joined forces to train Dallas’ high schoolers in AI.

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