Fund II

Fund II

THE MARKET: $23B IN 2019 TRANSACTIONS & 473% GROWTH 2017-19*


Azafran Fund II is Vintage 2020, investing in companies utilizing disruptive voice, acoustics/sensory, and imagery technologies embedded with Augmented AI /ML in the Health, Wellness and Enterprise markets.

Our team filters the data, we look for proprietary opportunities with incubators, seed funds and other thought leaders around the world. It’s about our shared passion and being part of an experienced and like-minded team, making a difference by advocating and bringing life-changing technologies to humanity.

Highlights of our strategy include:

  • Focused investment thesis
  • Emerging managers with domain and operational expertise
  • Global referral and deal-flow network with multiplier effects
  • Active investors that provide leadership and operational value
  • Data-driven and forward-looking investment outlook versus consensus positions

MODALITIES: Voice, Acoustics/Sensory, Imagery

FOCUS: Augmented AI / Machine Learning, Datasets, Deep Learning, Neural Networks

MARKETS: Health, Wellness and Enterprise

When we started Azafran Capital in 2017, machine learning had existed in various forms for decades, but was lacking a proper UI. Buttons, typing and other dated means just could not feed the appetite of machine learning. Now with advances in foundational voice, acoustics and imagery, we now focus on pure science and the platforms to scale solutions that expand on this fundamental innovation.

* Investments and Transactions mapping to the Azafran Capital Thesis
Source: Azafran Capital Research


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The content and distribution of Azafran’s INSIGHTS newsletter is focused to our LP, incubator, research, investment and partner ecosystem. Below are highlights from the last two issues, please sign up to receive access to past and new issues as they are published.

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    Mayo Clinic and Vocalis Health have announced a collaboration to research and develop new voice-based tools for screening, detecting and monitoring patient health.

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