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  • Microsoft is acquiring Nuance Communications for $19.7B

    Apr 13, 2021

    In a post announcing the deal, the company said this was about increasing its presence in the healthcare vertical, a place where Nuance has done well in recent years. In fact, the company announced the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare last year, and this deal is about accelerating its presence there.

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  • 5 Ways Voice Technology Is Increasingly Making Itself Heard

    Aug 3, 2020

    Voice technology is among the things that have gotten a big boost from the global pandemic as consumers shift to buying things online and avoiding touching items in public places for fear of contracting COVID-19.

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  • Apple Acquires AI Startup to Better Understand Natural Language

    Apr 3, 2020

    Apple Inc. acquired Voysis, an artificial intelligence startup that developed a platform for digital voice assistants to better understand people’s natural language.

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  • Natural Language Processing is an Untapped AI Tool for Innovation

    Apr 1, 2020

    Natural language processing (NLP) will improve processes including technology landscaping, competitive analysis, and weak signal detection

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  • Picovoice Debuts Platform for Building Voice Assistants Without the Cloud

    Dec 3, 2019

    Most voice interaction relies on the cloud. Audio gets recorded, digitized, then sent to the cloud for processing before the user hears a response. Picovoice builds around the idea of maintaining the same functions of a standard voice engine, but all operated locally, known in the industry as on the edge as opposed to in the cloud.

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  • AI researchers translate language into physical movement

    Sep 11, 2019

    Carnegie Mellon University AI researchers have created an AI agent that is able to translate words into physical movement. Called Joint Language-to-Pose, or JL2P, the approach combines natural language with 3D pose models.

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  • Voice Technology And The Lure Of Zero UI In Health Care

    Aug 12, 2019

    Zero UI (Zero User Interface) is an interface without a physical presence – no screen, no buttons, no keys. Instead, a user moves, talks, looks or thinks, and artificial intelligence (AI) interprets that interaction in order to respond. It sounds simple, but Zero UI is an intensely complex effort requiring extremely robust capabilities.

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  • Amazon’s Text-To-Speech AI Service Sounds More Natural And Realistic

    Aug 11, 2019

    Amazon enhanced Polly - the cloud-based text-to-speech service - to deliver natural and realistic speech synthesis. The service can now be leveraged to present domain-specific style such as newscast and sportscast.

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  • Yobe Launches With $1.8m Seed to Pinpoint A Voice In Noise

    Feb 4, 2019

    There are times where voice-driven systems don’t work all that well because of background noise or other voices.

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