#Conversational AI
  • AI needs patients' voices in order to revolutionize health care

    Sep 30, 2019

    Patients’ stories — what doctors call patient histories — are the bedrock of medicine. “Listen to your patient; they are telling you the diagnosis,” an aphorism attributed to Dr. William Osler, the founder of modern medicine, still holds true today. The disappearance of patients’ stories from electronic health records could be one reason that artificial intelligence and machine learning have so far failed to deliver their promised revolution of health care.

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  • This Conversational AI Startup is Empowering the Next Billion Digital Users

    Sep 21, 2019

    Only 20 per cent of the 530 million Indian internet users consume content in English. Rest prefer vernacular languages. According to a recent report by research and consulting firm RedSeer, 260 million Indian users are “monetizable”. Nearly 210 million of these users, with an annual spending power of $300 billion, prefer digital content in vernacular languages.

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  • LatentView Analytics Reveals Voice Platform for Enterprise Data

    Aug 14, 2019

    New Jersey-based digital analytics firm LatentView Analytics debuted a new conversational platform built to make data analytics more accessible for businesses. The Conversational Analytics System Personalized or Casper platform is designed to speed up the process of collecting and sorting data in ways that are useful for the business and its employees.

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  • Vonage Plans To Buy Voice AI Provider Over.ai

    Aug 6, 2019

    Cloud communications provider Vonage has revealed its plan to acquire Over.ai, a Tel Aviv-based conversational artificial intelligence specialist for enterprise communications.

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The content and distribution of Azafran’s INSIGHTS newsletter is focused to our LP, incubator, research, investment and partner ecosystem. Below are highlights from the last two issues, please sign up to receive access to past and new issues as they are published.

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  • Issue 18 - The Impact of Deep Tech + Imagery on the Future of Healthcare

    In the second issue of our Special Report Series, we turn our focus to the imagery modality and the impacts already being felt in the future of healthcare.

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  • Issue 18 - tagSpace: Augmented Reality for the Masses, now Covid Ready

    tagSpace (Azafran Portfolio I) provides a no-code solution for location-based Augmented Reality - With a focus on markets such as music festivals, events and experiences, tagSpace has pivoted to also helping fight the spread of Covid-19.

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