Azafran Catalyst

Azafran Catalyst


Azafran Catalyst de-risks Azafran’s investments and accretes value by accelerating growth for our Early Stage Deep Technology portfolio companies.

For every Early Stage Deep Tech company Azafran Capital Partners invests in, the Catalyst organization, including our Director of Platform and supporting team + our global network, work side by side with founders and company executives to offer support where it’s needed most so they build the necessary expertise and components to execute on their vision.

Azafran Catalyst Platform

Azafran Catalyst Highlights

We Start with Seed Stage Winners: According to Crunchbase, 80% of Seed companies fail to raise another round and 97% fail to exit. Azafran invests in the 20% of deep tech companies and founders that emerge from Seed, and Catalyst significantly de-risks and accelerates value accretion by arming each founding team with the tools that they need to succeed.


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