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Azafran Capital Partners is a venture firm investing in disruptive B2B post-seed companies serving the MedTech (health & wellness) and IoT / enterprise markets. We focus on applied deep tech companies with patentable solutions combining technology and science, leveraging voice, acoustics and imagery delivered as a product/platform.

Covid-19 has thrust our investment thesis to mission critical as we transition from a society of touch/type to a commercialized world where voice, acoustics/sensory and imagery modalities now represent the next major step in the digitalization of our modern way of life.



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  • Episode 4 - Talking Emotion Synthesis with Emoshape

    Host Matt Bauer welcomes special guests, Patrick Levy-Rosenthal, founder and CEO of Emoshape, as well as Azafran Co-founder and General Partner Martin Fisher. Emoshape is helping make the world a better place by giving intelligent machines empathy for humans, to help create a positive future. Their discussion centers around Emoshape’s incredible progress and vision, as well as a general discussion around the machine-human interface and tying back to Azafran’s latest INSIGHTS edition on Robotics.

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Welcome to Azafran INSIGHTS, a newsletter and podcast series exploring the intersection of voice, acoustics and imagery powered by machine learning and deep science technologies.

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  • Issue 25 - Buy One Get One Free

    The closest thing to a buy one, get one free deal on Wall Street is a stock Spin-off.

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  • Issue 25 - What You Need to Know About AI Venture in Q3 '21

    Q3 '21 Continues Record Setting Pace in H1'21

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